Jack Wilshere

Wilshere Needs Fitness for Arsenal Deal

Having long been seen as the blue-eyed boy of English football, it’s surprising to see just how far England star Jack Wilshere has fallen. Now in a position where his first 90 minutes for Arsenal since before his loan move to Bournemouth came in the League Cup, Wilshere – who is in the last year of his deal – needs to find out what is going on with his future.

When asked about the future of the once-prodigy, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was his usual coy self.

“It is down to the fact – and I have said this many times – that he can remain fit or not,” Wenger said.

“He’s an Arsenal man and an Arsenal player. He would certainly like to stay but we haven’t spoken about that because at the start of the season I thought we had to see how it evolves and see what kind of influence he can have in the squad through the whole season.”

When a manger is so succinct about the chance of a player sticking around, it probably says all that has to be said. Having seen his career ruined by injuries, Wilshere – who is only 25 – still has many chances to change what looks to be a massive drop in trajectory. He needs to show Wenger that he deserves a new deal before the summer, but with such a challenge to get back into the side even that is beginning to feel increasingly hopeful.

For Arsenal fans, an impressive game against Doncaster might show he still has something to offer. At the top of the club, though, it looks like faith in his injuries has evaporated.

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