Renato Sanches

Swansea Look to End Renato Sanches Loan

Having been dubbed as one of the signings of the summer – and with a rather cringeworthy Twitter announcement – Renato Sanches arriving in Wales was deemed a big deal. Thanks to his relationship with then-Bayern coach Carlo Ancelotti, it was believed that Swansea boss Paul Clement had pulled off a masterstroke.

Sanches of today, though, is not the machine who got his move from Benfica to Bayern justifiably, or ran the show at Euro 2016. Having struggled to impress in the league whatsoever, Sanches looked certain to move back to Bayern. Having already played for the Bavarians, though, he would need special dispensation to break the two-team-per-season rule.

With the World Cup at the end of the year, Sanches will struggle to go with either his present form in Wales or on the bench at Bayern. Once seen as a genuinely stunning talent, his drop-off post-Benfica is shocking.

He looks totally overawed at a higher level, and in Swansea he has looked like he’s not cut out for the kind of role expected of a plaer in his position. Apparently, his adaption and aptitude has bene so poor that Swansea are ready to cut their ties with him and send him back to Germany.

It’s safe to say that, as it stands, Renato Sanches will be nothing more than an example that a big move can come too soon for a young player. It’s a genuine shame to see such a talent erode so excessively. Swansea, though, cannot afford any passengers and thus a return back to Bayern (or Bayern II at this rate) might be the best thing for all parties.

Whatever his next move is, Sanches has to be very clear about where he goes as his time in Germany – and England – is surely over.

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