Are Sunderland Set for Disaster?

Although not yet played, the last team of the weekend to play could also be the worst. Sunderland are a club who seem to perenialyl live in the bottom few positions, and the addition of David Moyes has done nothing to dispel that thinking.

Somehow packaged as a big name, successful manager despite never winning a thing, Moyes is seen as a safe bet for the Black Cats. But is he?

Already, he’s managed to bring down confidence in the squad and the club as a whole. His disparaging comments about the quality of his team when comparing them to transfer targets he had his eye on right through to his acceptance of Sunderland as a relegation battler was very interesting. When a new manages comes in they are supposed to give people confidence and belief that things were about to change.

What did Moyes say, then? That, since the last few years were relegation battles, why would this be any different?

Moyes sounded more like an administrator than a manager. He immediately spoke of the negatives rather than the positives, and was very quick to just point to history being bleak as a reason to not expect much more. As a Sunderland fan looking for an inkling of optimism, you would be hard pressed to find it in the damning first few games of the Moyes era.

We’ll be honest, we don’t see the magic with David Moyes. Drawing parallels between Everton and Sunderland is a poor show, also. Everton when he managed the club were initially run down by years of Walter Smith. However, they were a club desperately underneath their potential, as one of the most respected and successful clubs in the English game.

Sunderland are nothing of the sort. Everton had a much higher ceiling as a club, and to try and claim that he can produce the same results at Sunderland because he done it once before seemed a very simplistic way of looking at things.

Everton had to be brought back up from the doldrums to their rightful place as a top half English club who could compete for the highest positions on a good year. Sunderland have never really been that, and it’s not likely that they are going to become that either.

So, even with some decent signings in the summer, Sunderland look a little bereft. Players have been brought in who reek of being there to fill squad gaps due to knowing Moyes, like Anichebe and Pienaar, and others seem to be rushed signings as the window kicked on.

We’d be worried for the Black Cats this year. They are a good club, but the new manager appears to believe that just because he done it once, he can do it again. The circumstances between both clubs – and their actual potential – could not be much different. Sorry Sunderland, but we expect this might be the year that all of the luck runs out, starting with Monday night against, ironically enough, Everton.

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