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Ross Barkley Interesting Tottenham

In what has been a decisively low key transfer window for Tottenham so far, the signing of Ross Barkley is the most likely name on the menu. Signings have been shallow so far in North London, and with Arsenal making clear moves to improve, Spurs fans are waiting on their team to kick into action and make a signing or two. Ross Barkley, then, is likely to be one of the first names through the door – if they can do a deal with Everton.

Given the Toffees are spending an excessive amount of money on players in lieu of the exit of Romelu Lukaku, it’s expected that Barkley – who has not signed a new deal – will take his leave from Finch Farm. He’s not expected to be leave the club for good value, though, as the Blues have no intention of losing their home-grown star on the cheap.

Spurs, though, are nefarious in their search of value. This could be one that drags on, should chairman Daniel Levy be reticent to spend. The huge amount of money spent on Moussa Sissoko last August might be putting the club off splurging money on another player who has talent but huge questions over their consistency and/or their mentality.

Either way, it’s likely that Barkley will be out the door at Everton. Ronald Koeman was quite cold about the player at times last year, and with major signings of his own through the door we might see even more movement from the Toffees in the form of exits.

Barkley has blown hot and cold for some time, with a rather unimpressive level of consistency for his hometown team ever since he first broke through. Now at 23, it might be time to consider cashing in and moving on for all parties.

While he holds a huge amount of talent in his feet, it’s uncertain if the football brain quite matches the skills that Barkley can boast. A potential move that exceeds £40m for such an inconsistent player, then, showcases the wild market that the English league is finally seeing.

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