Ronaldo Return to United Dead in the Water?

Having been one of the most commonly read and looked into stories in sports for the last week, the future of Cristiano Ronaldo has yet to be made clearer. Away with his country at the Confederations Cup, the Portugal star is at the center of a tax drama that could either put him behind bars or see him leave Spain in frustration.

Having long found himself apparently out of sync with the Madrid fan base, who have whistled and goaded him in the past despite his qualities, Ronaldo seemingly tires of his time in Madrid and wants to move. Manchester United, the club that helped make him a global star, is said to be deeply interested.

However, the price for a 32-year-old, the presence of Jose Mourinho and the challenge of getting Madrid to follow through with a sale is likely to make this a near-impossible deal to pull off. Apparently, United are more at peace with spending around €70m on Alvaro Morata instead. The burly forward is likely to be leaving Madrid, and it’s a fair bit cheaper than the price of around €200m that is being floated for the Portuguese.

Ronaldo is apparently set to leave the club after a massive fall-out with the overall structure of the club. With a lack of support and love from the fans being perceived as having gone too far this time, it looks like the legend is set to finally move on from Madrid.

Having achieved so much and surely put himself in line for the Balon d’Or once again, Ronaldo is in a tight spot. Leaving Madrid at the height of their success since his arrival would seem strange, and the fact that Madrid holds all the power in terms of deciding to sell makes it hard to see a move.

Add in the fact that most of the clubs who could afford Ronaldo are likely to be unable to pay the fee or his wages, and another season in Spain is not out of the question. Whatever happens, though, Madrid have been warned: Ronaldo is not messing around.

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