Premier League Clubs Want Return to Previous Transfer Window

Premier League Clubs Want Return to Previous Transfer Window

When the English Premier League and English Championship decided to close the transfer window early, it seemed to make sense. The confusion of starting a season with players going out the door even after the games have kicked off is a massive distraction. However, it only seems to make sense if everyone plays by the rules. So, when the rest of the major European leagues decided to keep their transfer windows open into early September, it left the English top two leagues at risk.

What happens then if a player still wishes to move? You can sell them, but you cannot bring in a replacement. It does not stop players wanting to leave; it merely means that you cannot buy a replacement until January. So, with that in mind, it appears that top clubs in the Premier League are pushing for a return to the old system.

The top six in particular are believed to be less than impressed with the decision to close it earlier. A September 12th shareholders meeting is due, and it’s expected to be discussed then. Since 2017, the window closing early has only led to frustration as clubs from Europe try to grab un-registered Premier League talent for a fraction of their value.

The belief is that the leagues will soon return to matching up with their European counterparts. If everyone else won’t close the window earlier, then it makes no sense for English clubs to bet the exception. It would be a significant surprise if it was to remain an early closing transfer window after discussions take place next month.

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