Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Oxlade-Chamberlain Rejects New Deal

Having been one of the longest running transfer sagas of the summer, it come as no surprise to hear reports that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has rejected a new Arsenal contract. With a single year left on his deal and heavy links to London rivals Chelsea and league rivals Liverpool, it looks like Arsenal need to decide whether or not to stick or twist.

With such little time left on his deal, too, it looks like the player himself is at a crossroads. A move to a squad that can give him more definition in terms of position could be useful – but is he really going to get more games at either of the mentioned sides?

He’s impressed at the start of the season for the Gunners, and looks to be settling into the wing-back role that Wenger has designated him for. That being said, most estimates believe that this is the final opportunity for him to sign a new deal and an exit at a cut price might be the next option for the young star.

At 24, he has to make a good choice – his next move will make or break his career. An outstanding talent, he made his way to Arsenal as a youngster and has never really broke onto the next level. Showing all the capacity but none of the consistency, the youngster has yet to really sparkle and give a season that would encourage his suitors to really push the both out.

Interestingly, most of the links to Oxlade-Chamberlain for both clubs have come after they were heavily linked with higher profile players in similar positions. If he is going to leave Arsenal, he has to make sure it’s for a cub that can offer him the guarantees that, presently, Arsenal cannot.

Do you think that Chamberlain is making the right call? Is it fair for him to be considering leaving Arsenal after all they have done for him?

It’s a crossroads for a lot of younger English talents, and the next decision he makes could define his career for years to come.

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