Max Meyer Set for Schalke Exit; England Bound

Max Meyer Set for Schalke Exit; England Bound?

As one of the most promising young talents to come out of the much-vaunted Schalke academy, Max Meyer is a rare talent. Once an electric attacking midfielder, he’s been re-invented this year as a creative deep-lying playmaker. However, one major issue has developed: he’s leaving the club on a free.

While it’s been expected for a while after knocking back a few contract offers, 22-year-old Meyer is now officially leaving the club. It’s a major kick in the teeth for Schalke, who’ll be losing two key talents in Leon Goretzka and Max Meyer on free contracts at once.

Even the UEFA Champions League fees might struggle to help them make up for the shortfall in talent. His exit was confirmed by Christian Heidl, the Schalke Director of Football. Posted on the official Schalke Twitter, Heidl stated: “Max Meyer will definitely leave Schalke this summer,

“We’re dealing with the situation very professionally. It’s all be very amicable.”

With replacements now needed to be sought for their entire midfield, this could be a major turning point for the Royal Blues. On the rich track under Domenico Tedesco, how will this affect their long-term planning?

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