Manchester City Shut Down Pep Guardiola Rumours

Manchester City Shut Down Pep Guardiola Rumours

When Juventus announced that Max Allegri would leave the club, rumours immediately came out that Pep Guardiola could be their next coach. The treble-winning coach of Manchester City has made it clear in the past that a return to Italy would suit him one day. Given their dominance at home and their financial wealth compared to the rest of the league, Guardiola would realistically only be available to go to Juventus. However, now? It seemed an odd time to leave.

And now, the rumour is as good as shut down. Manchester City board member Alberto Galassi spoke to Sky Italia, and was pretty clear about where City stood, stating: “As a City board member, I was surprised to read such codswallop,”

“He’s our coach and, he wants to stay with us. He can’t understand how his word is not being heard. It’s all falsehood.

“The first thing a serious club does in these cases is to contact the other club. It’s unthinkable that City is unaware of his supposed presentation in just a few days.

“The story is total without foundation. We don’t understand why a club should intervene for the umpteenth time to say Guardiola doesn’t want to leave Manchester City. This question doesn’t exist.”

So, as far as City would go, it would be any harder to deny it. Given the fees involved for Guardiola, too, it would be nigh-impossible for Juventus to match his wages or the likely transfer demands. As such, it feels like an ambitious move that simply will not come to pass for various reasons. Juventus, though, will likely hire someone of an intriguing calibre this summer: Mauricio Pochettino and Jurgen Klopp have both been suggested, but are both unlikely.

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