Liverpool Target ‘Like Fernando Torres’

Liverpool Target ‘Like Fernando Torres’

When it comes to assessing new players to sign for a club, comparing them to a near-club legend is always a good starting point. For Liverpool fans wondering about the authenticity of the links with Timo Werner, then, you might be interested to know what this means. Where would he play, exactly, with such a lethal front line?

Well, according to one player who has come up against him often, FC Bayern Munich’ Thiago, he’s very much like ex-Reds striker Fernando Torres. According to the official Bundesliga page, the respect for Werner is huge – comparing him with among the best Spanish forwards of all-time.

“He’s unbelievably quick,” Thiago said when asked about what he thought of his international and club opponent. “He reminds me a bit of a young Fernando Torres. He has incredible acceleration and is always looking for gaps in the opposition defences.”

This quote should have Liverpool fans salivating. Werner is among the top scorers in Europe this year, following on from a lethal opening season with Red Bull. Already linked with other clubs such as Manchester United and Bayern Munich, Liverpool would do well to react now and make a bid before the rest of Europe realises the immense potential held within.

For any Liverpool fan wondering what they might be getting, though, it’s clear why the comparison was made. Amazing between the penalty box liens with mesmeric feet and a wonderful array of finishing, Werner is among the European elite.

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