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Liverpool Join Living Wage Campaign

In a period of time that regularly sees Liverpool FC accused of falling away from their traditions and turning their backs on their fanbase, the club has sought to try and counter that with some positive PR. One of the most positive stories to come out from Merseyside, though it’s not quite the revolution of ticket prices and a move toward safe standing as many fans went, has been the adoption of the Living Wage scheme.

Alongside Chelsea and rivals Everton, Liverpool will now be a fully accredited Living Wage employer. This means that their staff at the club will be paid more than the minimum page, moving to around £8.45/hour. This is close to £1/hour more than people are earning at the moment, which will hopefully see staff at the club rewarded for their continual hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

As the third Premier League club to do this, it’s hoped that more will follow suit and use their millions to pay those who match the match day experience so fantastic. Working with the Mayor of the Liverpool City Region, Steve Rotherham, the club has put in place the Living Wage Foundation’ recommendation and reached an agreement to carry out this heart-warming change.

Speaking about the change in pricing, Liverpool Chief Executive, former Rebook and EA man Peter Moore, was very clear about what this meant.

“We hope that this development demonstrates how highly we value all of those who work for Liverpool Football Club in whatever capacity that may be,” he said.

“During the course of our discussions with both Steve and the Living Wage Foundation we examined a range of issues but the intention of all involved, not least ourselves, was always the same – to reach an outcome which would be of greatest benefit to our workforce.

“As a club, we have paid the national minimum wage at the higher rate only for many years and in June this year we ensured that all directly employed staff were paid at least the real living wage. By taking the next step, we are not adhering to an obligation, we are doing it because we feel it is the right thing to do.”

It would be nice if more clubs decided to follow suite. With the money that goes into the Premier League, paying extra to staff should never be contentious.

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