Joe Hart

Joe Hart to West Ham

For some time now, it’s looked like the career of England goalkeeper Joe Hart was in flux. No longer wanted by Pep Guardiola and Man City, Hart seems to be on the wane for many. Mistakes have crept into his game at an alarming pace in the last few years, and an educational but rather poor year in Italy has done nothing to change that.

Many still remember his numerous ricks at Euro 2016, and his sclaffs and mistakes for City in the few years beforehand. However, it looks like he might have just found a new home for himself in London with West Ham United.

A good shot stopper, Hart should excel at a club that will be busy defensively. If he has to make few decisive saves, then he can be a mistake waiting to happen. When he’s actively involved in the game and is keeping his team in it, though, these mistakes aren’t quite happening so often.

Whatever happens with Hart, a move to a team lower down the Premier League looks likely. Foreign clubs will be put off by his poor and erratic form, and most clubs who he wold feel like he should be playing for would consider him to be good enough to fulfil their aims and ambitions. For this reason, a move to a club like West Ham feels like a happy medium in terms of size, ambition and ability to maintain international credibility.

While for many Hart has become a bit of a joke figure at international level, he still holds gravitas in the Premier League. If he can go to United and get busy again, he might one again find that confidence that has appeared to have deserted him in recent years.

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