Huddersfield - Newcastle

Huddersfield – Newcastle

As the second weekend of the Premier League comes around, so does the interesting battles that are already forming. With two promoted sides meeting up, it’s a good chance for both to make a statement. While Huddersfield demolished Crystal Palace 3-0 in their first game, stupidity from Jonjo Shelvey seen Newcastle reduced to ten men before conceding two goals to go down 2-0 to Tottenham Hotspur at St. James Park.

The contrasting difference in the summers and then the opening results of both clubs makes for stark change, though. While the Terries have done a lot of work over the summer to revamp their squad, Newcastle have struggled and many of the players they have brought in hardly excite. A summer that was expected to see revolution will instead, at best, be one of consolidation. Huddersfield look to have done the much better summer work, and are likely to line up against the Toon with full confidence.

While both clubs are without a few important players each, Town are by far and away the more settled of the two teams. That should determine a lot of the match, as Town have a lot more to them in terms of consistency and solidity at present. Newcastle still look to be building and then selecting their squad, so it’s likely that – for this weekend, at least – Huddersfield will shine while the Geordies wilt.

We are going for a comfortable win for the home side. Newcastle should be fine this season, but we see them as too far away from being where they should be to helpfully contribute to the side. This should play an important role in determining how the season goes at its earliest stages.

For now, though, we can only see one side winning this particular match.

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