This year, a perennial contest has begun to decide just who is the best of all the managers brought in. From Jürgen Klopp at Liverpool to Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, people are probably sick of hearing about managers. Yet this season we are seeing arguably the most interesting divergence of quality in the managerial positions at top English sides that we have ever seen.

So, with that in mind, who has been the most dynamic side to watch so far in this league? Who excels at what most?

Possessive Intent – Manchester City

As well as potentially the most exciting side to watch in the league, City are the greediest side in the division with a whopping 61.1% average possession. They keep the ball for two thirds of the game almost, and tend to be the side that dominates every match they play in.

Whilst results are yet to mirror such a brilliant possession game, it won’t be long until Pep and co. feel as if they are making huge progress on the field. They look dangerous and with so much talent combined with so much possession, wins and chance creation will come.

Raging Bull – West Ham United

With 30 yellow cards and a single red so far, West Ham need to calm down a little. If your idea of a good football game involves studs up challenges and reckless swipes, then United are the team for you. They have proven themselves so far to be one of the most aggressive sides around. Sunderland and Watford aren’t too far behind, but West Ham are the side that feels as if they have the most pent-up anger out of all the usual sides.

King of the Mixer – Manchester United

When you spend your money in the summer on a totem pole who scores goals in Zlatan Ibrahimović, this should be expected. Add in the fact that Paul Pogba is hardly diminutive, and the transfer strategy for Manchester United makes more sense when you see they are winning just over 60% of their aerial duels.

This shows a side which is playing to its strengths, although it’s likely not the strengths that the fans want to actually see.

Curiously, United also rule the roost when it comes to passing accuracy. They are hitting around 86% of their passes spot on, showing they have accuracy in the air and on the ground. Just not in the box.

Mortar Fire – Liverpool

If you have watched even just a few games so far, this might not shock you. Liverpool are having a barely believable 19.1 shots per game at present, a massive boost over next-placed City, who have 17.9.

This sizable number of shots probably goes to show why the Merseyside club have scored 30 goals so far this season. They are dangerous on the ball, aggressive off it, and great fun to watch in general.

So, what statistic above would you put the most excitement on? Do you prefer crisp passes? Shots galore? Hard tackles? Or big dirty long balls?