Callum Hudson-Odoi

Chelsea Youth Star Rejects Contract Offer

As one of the most spoken about youth talents most fans have never seen play, Callum Hudson-Odoi feels like a near-daily discussion. The fact that a club the size of Chelsea are spending so long talking about a youth prospect shows you just how talented he is, but also how bad the situation has gotten. Once seen as a club that could demand what it wanted of its young talent, Chelsea are now seeing more young players say no to their stockpiling policy: including Hudson-Odoi.

Talk of a move to Bayern Munich has been circulating for some time, with talk that the Bavarians will put in a £35m bid going on for some time. With 18-months left on his current deal, and a rejection of a new deal at Stamford Bridge, it might be time to cash in for the Blues. The offer is incredibly high for a player with just 14 senior appearances for the club, albeit someone who is obviously an impressive talent.

What does seem odd, though, is the choice of clubs being spoken about. At present, the two most interested parties quoted in the press are that of Liverpool and Bayern Munich – two clubs with some of their best talent in the exact position that Hudson-Odoi plays.

While he might need to leave Chelsea to finally secure regular game time, neither option suggested above appears to be an altogether better solution. Whoever is helping the young star to make his move they had best consider the implications outside of Chelsea: they aren’t the only big club who cannot guarantee game-time.

For Chelsea fans, losing a fantastic talent like Hudson-Odoi would seriously hurt their prospects of long-term team building. It sounds, though, like a parting of the ways feels impossible to stop. The only hope is that the player makes a move that’s suited to his talents, and offers him the pathway to game-time on a regular basis.

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