Chelsea Cast Eyes at Kasper Schmeichel

For some time now, Chelsea have likely known that their relationship with Thibaut Courtois was coming to an end. Despite a raft of major suitors at present, the Belgian number one has been at a contract impasse for some time.

If Sky Sports are to be believed, then it will be a move for Kasper Schmeichel that is to be believed. The Danish keeper, now 31, has been at Leicester City for some time now. His heroics in the eventual loss to Croatia were notable, and a move for the Foxes keeper may prove more realistic than the likes of Alisson of Roma.

Chelsea look set to find a new keeper, anyway. Courtois looks almost sure to leave, and this could see a quick sale and a replacement brought in quickly. As Chelsea still look to make sure they have the right coach for next year, though, such limitations might become a problem for some.

At present, though, an exit for Courtois – and the arrival of Schmeichel – is a move that could be put through. Despite exciting in the Round of 16, the Dane was among the tournament’ most impressive keepers throughout the event.

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