Is David Moyes Doomed on Wearside?

After eight games, Sunderland fans are probably worried already. Sunderland have started this season the same way as they do with any manager – terribly. For years now, the club has been in a horrible malaise that sees the club lurch to disaster before somehow finding their way out. This summer, the club lost their

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The Thankful Death of the ‘Football Man’

At the weekend, as we usually do, we watched various shows to try and gather news and views from across the beautiful game. One interaction that we came across, though, was absolutely exceptional. Tim Sherwood, arguably the most ‘Football Man’ of all the Football Men out there, ripped to pieces Antonio Conte. Following the 3-0

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Are Sunderland Set for Disaster?

Although not yet played, the last team of the weekend to play could also be the worst. Sunderland are a club who seem to perenialyl live in the bottom few positions, and the addition of David Moyes has done nothing to dispel that thinking. Somehow packaged as a big name, successful manager despite never winning

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