Paul Pogba Showing His Worth

While it might be too soon to get the party hats out, it looks like Paul Pogba might just finally be living up to expectation. Away at Crystal Palace, he opened the scoring with an (offside, assisted by hand) important goal for the club. It was something that helped to culminate what was a dominating

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What’s Happened to Ross Barkley?

A few years ago, we were being told that Ross Barkley had the skills of a Brazilian, that Liverpool had missed a trick with this young star from the city. Flashes of brilliance and true class have come from the player over the years, but at 23-years-old, he’s yet to really kick on. This became

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TORONTO, ON- SEPTEMBER 24  - Jermain Defoe speaks to the media today on his first practice since the kerfuffle last month when he was almost transferred.also some of the tfc practice. at  in Toronto,  September 24, 2014.  Colin McConnell/Toronto Star

The Most Valued Forwards in the League

For many people, the Premier League is so exciting because it tends to have so many teams with a talisman. While common in football, it seems that the English top division tends to have more of a messianic complex for players, particularly when it comes to forwards. Sometimes, though, it can almost feel like a

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The Vardy Party – Is it Over?

For some time now, people have been wondering about Jamie Vardy. Scoreless so far in league play this year, the spiky Englishman has struggled to capture the form that made him so powerful last year. Many are speculating a host of reasons – from a loss of form in the club to people working out

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David Moyes and the Dinosaur Mindset

David Moyes and the Dinosaur Mindset Fresh from Sunderland being beat 2-0 by Liverpool at Anfield last weekend, praise was thrown on Wearside manager David Moyes and his side for holding out. Having frustrated the Merseyside club for as long as anyone has this year (apart from Manchester United), Moyes came away fairly pleased with

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