Premier League Cracks Down on Piracy

For a few years now, an ongoing battle has seen the streaming activities that take place online become more prominent. Chief among them has been the development of Kodi. This is a system that is being used as an entertainment system that allows for easy access to sports products and live, free and illegal streaming.

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Manchester City – Liverpool

This weekend, two of the most exciting coaches in the world bring two of the most attacking sides against each other. Games with Liverpool and Manchester City are always deeply exciting matches, but the home side knows they have more making up to do. For Liverpool and Klopp, it’s about turning up and putting a

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The Biggest Premier League Letdowns

Every year, the Premier League is loaded with quality talent – players who make a huge impression on the division. While many of them wind up being over-egged, the same happens at the bottom end of the performance table. Players who were expected to take the next step inevitably fall away and wind up giving

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Bilic Getting a New Deal at West Ham

A few months ago, this would have sounded ludicrous – Slaven Bilic looks set to stay at West Ham Untied for the long-term. The Croatian tactician looked set to leave the club earlier in the year, but an improved run of form has seen West Ham change their minds about their leader and instead offer

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