Can Liverpool Break Their Poor Post-International Form?

For any Liverpool fans out there reading this, you’ll know what we are about to discuss. After most international breaks, Liverpool Football Club tend to come back slower than the rest. With the fact that three of their best players (Phillippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane) all travel exceptional distances for international games, too, it’s even more of a concern for the club. How can the Reds put in an improved season this year, when they seem to always drop points post-international break?

After all, LFC have managed to drop a huge number of points in the last few seasons. Since 2013-14, the year that Liverpool nearly won the league under Brendan Rodgers, they’ve lost a third of their 12 post-break games. Out of the 12, they’ve won 3 and drawn 5.

So, with just a quarter of the games won, the Reds need to find a routine to break up this problem and move on from it. If not, despite having no European football, it will come back to haunt them later. Going at the current rate, the Reds would lose a fair amount of points in the coming season – and, if they aren’t already sorting it out, it might start this weekend.

The big homecoming is set for this weekend, as the ‘new’ Anfield re-opens to welcome reigning champions Leicester City. It’s a tasty affair, but it will be interesting to see just how much juice the Reds have in the tank.

Falling Behind

When compared to likely rivals for 4th place this year, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal, Liverpool are faltering. Arsenal have, in the same time, won 8 of their 10 post-break games. Spurs have won 5. Crucially, though, the Reds have lost the most post-break games. If this does not change in the coming season, then Liverpool could lose as many as 9 points given they have a record of a 1-win-in-4 each season for the last three years.

Frankly, that is a huge hindrance. Even taking into account the fact that Liverpool may pick up more points than rivals with European hangovers, they can afford no significant slip-ups. So, fixing this problem is going to be an interesting dilemma for the club.

The Solution?

Well, the hope for Liverpool fans is that a new and more vibrant Anfield could kick start a positive change this weekend. With a fresh start comes the hope for a new change. After all, this is now the Jürgen Klopp side; that statistic is one that could be used to beat the old Rodgers side with.

They will be hoping that Klopp can make the fair jump from one improvement to the next, starting here. Given that the team have gone through a proper Klopp pre-season, Liverpool supporters will be hoping the side can finally start winning for both club and country.

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