Jack Wilshere

Arsenal Stuck in Contract Wrangle

For some time now, the discussion over Jack Wilshere’ contract has been an ongoing talking point for Arsenal. Last week, after an impressive performance in the Europa League against Milan, Wilshere was clear that progress was not forthcoming – and indicated he was happy with his asked for demands.

However, it would appear that Arsenal have a different view, per the Daily Telegraph. When speaking on Wednesday about the contract stand-off, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger was pretty clear, saying: “On my side nothing had changed,

“Jack will be free at the end of the season. We make a proposal. I want him to say and be linked to the club for the future and I hope he will do it.”

With the reports now saying that Everton will offer Wilshere better terms than the reduced salary Arsenal are offering, Wilshere has a decision to make. Is he happy to try and force his way back into the team he came through at on reduced terms, or would he like a move up north to try and reinvigorate his career at Everton?

At the moment, the least likely outcome appears to be Wilshere signing that Arsenal extension.

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